How I'm Using Collections by BigVu to Show You the Latest Trends

You've probably seen me in a number of social media ads for BigVu by now and if you haven't yet, well I guess the secret is out! BigVu is a teleprompter app that's like having an entire studio in your pocket. If you were ever wondering how I can pack so much into a 60-second video, it's thanks to BigVu!

Recently BigVu launched a new product with their app called Collections. Collections is a playlist of interactive videos that creators can use to increase audience engagement. I love this feature so much because it allows me to add related videos along with important information such as links to products, product details, tweets, quotes and polls all together. I also love the music feature in which you can add background music to videos.

Collections is a playlist of interactive videos that creators can use to increase audience engagement.

I've been wanting to make my videos on Daisi Jo Reviews shoppable for a really long time. I know how difficult it is for my audience to scroll through my posts looking for the proper links to the products I'm recommending. Now that I'm using BigVu Collections, the product recommendations in my videos are completely shoppable. You'll know which links to click on because they will be directly linked to the associated video.

Another added feature of Collections by BIGVU is that Collections can be shared to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger via a link.

Here are some of BIGVU Collections features:

  • Add videos up into to 5 minutes each
  • Add interactions such as photos with links, quotes, tweets, action buttons, and polls to each video
  • BigVu Collections easily embeds into your website just like you would a Youtube video. No matter whether you're using a website builder such as Wix, WordPress, or Shopify.
  • Invite colleagues, freelancers, or influencers to share videos on your collection.
  • View your Analytics to see how your audience engaged with your Collection.

I just created my first Collection to share with you. I know so many of you are struggling with getting back into getting dressed to go to work after many months of leggings and loungewear. So, I've created the first of many to come Style Guides to help you find your fashion mojo again!

In this Collection, I show you how to style one of the most sought after items of the season - the cropped textured blazer. The textured blazer has been around for a very long time, originally influenced by Chanel. Today it has been interpreted into many trends. Let me know what you think by interacting with my Collection on BigVu below!

BiGVu is available via Web, iOS, and Android devices.

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