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I’ve tested a number of contact lens subscription services and I believe I found “The One”!  I’ve tried Acuvue, Hubble, Aveo and a few others but none have been as consistent in quality and comfortability than Waldo. You can make all the “Where’s Waldo” jokes you want but Waldo Daily Contacts was founded by a woman, Ashleigh Hinde - not a guy named Waldo! So what makes Waldo so different than the others? 

Based on Waldo's Fact Sheet, the brand is made of 42% etafilcon and 58% 58% water. Waldo’s contacts are 70% UVA and 95% UVB rays. I also learned that their Base Curve is 8.5mm versus others that are 8.0mm (smaller) or 8.6mm (larger). I’ve had several discussions with my friends about what makes their contacts comfortable vs limited comfortability (meaning they’re comfortable for a limited amount of time). What I learned is that a lot of people experience “limited comfortability” and the most common reason they’ve learned is that their Base Curve was prescribed incorrectly! So check with your Optician!

I would say Waldo is most similar in the category of “moisture” to Acuvue oasys daily hydralux daily lenses. Waldo is more consistently comfortable than that! I wear my contacts for hours - starring at the computer or my phone and my eyes haven’t experienced the typical tiredness that I’ve had with every other contact lenses.

I’ve mentioned on my Youtube Channel and blog that we’ve been gradually working on decreasing our consumption and waste of plastics in our home. One thing I’ve learned during this process is that contact lens wearers often flush their used contacts down the toilet - ewwww! Waldo’s offers a recycling program for its contacts that you can learn more about here, https://bit.ly/2M6fX8l.

Another thing I absolutely love about Waldo is their pricing structure. First, I will say that Waldo is more expensive than say, Hubble but again, Waldo is far more of a superior product and difference in costs is only $3. Waldo’s flexible pricing structure is $18/per box - $36/per 2 boxes which you’d assume you need 2 boxes given that your prescription is probably different in each eye. Paying for your subscription is extremely flexible. You can schedule your subscription to renew every 4, 6, 8 weeks depending on how quickly you go through your lenses. You can also change the date of your subscription is billed to your card. I find the subscription flexibility to be an increasingly growing advantage due to the global economic challenges and tariffs. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about the cost of Waldo Contacts being affected by tariffs because their contacts are manufactured in Taiwan, not China!

If $36 per month is a squeeze for your budget, you can join Waldo’s referral program which is immediately available to you once you signup. No need to signup for it separately. You automatically get a referral link to share on social media and with your friends and family. Through the referral program, you get $5 OFF for every person that signup using your link. 

For this collaboration, Waldo Daily Contacts is offering a 10 Day Free Trial plus $5 OFF your first order for my readers and subscribers when you use this link,https://bit.ly/2M6fX8l and PROMO CODE, WA5DOVID” at check out. 

To learn more about Waldo Daily Contacts and why daily contacts are better for your eye health and wallet, watch my video here,  https://youtu.be/WAH3IDN8wfI


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