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Just a quick disclaimer: Zumba Wear sponsored the items featured in this post, associated video and social media posts!
I can’t believe it’s August already and it’s time to get ready for the Fall season which means not only switching out wardrobe items that are very much in the category of Summer but also changing around my workout attire as well. Mainly my leggings. I’m not expecting the weather to really change much until about October but I got a head start thanks to Zumba Wear!
Zumba Wear sent me an amazing package of items from their Summer and Fall collections. I have to say that although several of the pieces are from the Summer collection, you can definitely wear them into the Fall/Winter. 
Here’s a breakdown of items I’m featuring in my most recent haul video:
Swarovski Collection
Who doesn’t love a little bling in their wardrobe? Zumba released a collection of leggings, tops, and accessories embellished with Swarovski crystals. The collection is absolutely beautiful, vibrant and great to wear to class or as athleisure. They really hold you in, especially if you’ve gone on a sushi binge with a side of donuts! They are also very stretchy so you can move and dance. All of the Swarovski Collection items I received come with special washing/care instructions to prevent the crystals from falling off. This is something you definitely have to keep in mind when wearing these items. It’s all worth it though because nothing compares to the way they look!

Swarovski Crystal Leggings -

Swarovski Crystal Long Sleeve Top -

Shine So Bright Bomber

This is probably my look of the Fall! I love a flashy metallic, especially on a casual style - like a bomber jacket. It’s just the right combo of casual glam to me. The jacket is perfect for pre-workout and post-workout and features 2 side pockets but I would consider actually working out in it. I’ll definitely be wearing this for casual nights out.

Shine So Bright Bomber Jacket -

Seventies High Waisted Leggings + No Bad Vibes Tank

I love a good pair of faux leather leggings for fashion and for working out. I think these are my first pair that are specifically for workouts though. These have a great fit and are very stretchy. They’re also pretty warm and I feel like they would be good for colder weather. 

I paired the Seventies leggings with a “No Bad Vibes” tank which features a surprising revealing back. Very sexy in a subtle way. When I was trying on the top, I paid extra attention to the type of sports bra that would look good with the straps peeping through the back of the top. I ended up pairing the top with the Varsity Scoop Bra which has an amazing fit! For there to be very little to the back of the bra, it offers some really great support in the front. You don’t have to worry about your boobs falling out of the sides because the fabric and straps are cut high enough to provide coverage and support. Needless to say, I definitely recommend this bra!

No Bad Vibes Tank -

Seventies High Waisted Leggings

Last, on the list are the new releases from Zumba coming this month! I’m wearing the Varsity Scoop Bra (which I mentioned above) with the Varsity High Waist Ankle Leggings and the Varsity Zip-up Jacket. This outfit is “Fire” on! The leggings are a perfect red and they have a great fit throughout the seat and legs but one thing I would be aware of is that they will give you camel toe! So beware! The jacket is similar in style to the Shine So Bright Bomber in that the cuts are almost the same. The Varsity Jacket features side pockets and a striped high collar. 

Zumba Varsity Scoop Bra -

Zumba Varsity High Waist Ankle Leggings -

Zumba Varsity Zip-up Jacket -
I must say, Zumba’s got a new fan in me not only for their Zumba Wear styles but also for their whole brand! As I mentioned in my video, I haven’t taken a Zumba class yet but I’m definitely ready now that I’ve got an entire wardrobe to Zumba my heart away!  Check out my haul video to see all the pieces in action,

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