Splendies Cotton Panty Subscription Unboxing + Try-On

I never thought about how much I buy new underwear throughout the year. Usually, I shop at a semi-annual sale and try to stock up but that also requires making time to go to the store and pick through piles of underwear - which sounds fun in theory but is more like a pain in the butt! In between those shopping sprees (I use the term loosely), I generally find myself popping into a store here and there to buy a pair of panties to fill some kind of hole in my undergarment wardrobe. 

Recently I decided to try the underwear subscription service, Splendies in which I get an assortment of panties delivered to my home every month. I’ve really had to observe my habits to determine if I actually NEED new underwear every month. Let's just say receiving a monthly supply of new, cute undies has been a pleasant surprise! 

Splendies is an affordable monthly subscription service that sends an assortment of styles ranging in fabric, cuts, prints, and styles. Sizes come in Small to 4X in styles including thongs, briefs, boy shorts and more. You can pick your style or let Splendies surprise you with their curation. 

In my package from Splendies, I received 3 pair of cotton panties in various prints. I really love the feel and style of the selection. For me, these are the type of underwear I like for lounging around because they are soft and simple - making them comfy. 

Subscribing to Splendies can feel like it's on the expensive side if you’re on a budget but here’s how I justified paying $14.99 per month plus free shipping! I figured out that every time I needed to buy a new pair of panties, whether it be for a specific dress that hugged my body a certain way or I needed to replace a pair that accidentally got thrown in the dryer when they were supposed to be hung dried; I was spending about $7 at minimum to replace the most basic pair of undies. With Splendies, each pair comes out to $4.99. So I’m saving a few bucks plus the time it takes to go and buy a new pair. If I find that I need to slow down of the deliveries, I can also skip months. Kind of like putting my subscription on pause until I’m ready to order more undies. I’ll likely keep my subscription going for a while. I’m excited to see what new styles they have coming out for the Fall season. As for today, I decided to work from home in my Splendies 

Use coupon code SPLENDIES to receive $4 off your first month, that's 3 pairs for $10.99. Watch my Splendies Unboxing Review and Try-On video below!

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