My Life Is Like A Judith Krantz Novel

A few weeks ago one of my favorite authors passed away. I never thought I’d have a favorite author.  You may know her from her famed romance novels turned sensational television series that fantasies are made of. I was first introduced to Judith Krantz when she released Spring Collection. I was barely 16. I had started modeling a few years earlier and my grandmother bought me the book for inspiration. Now thinking back, she seemed very familiar with Krantz’s work and that’s likely because her first novel, Scruples was such a hit. My grandmother was a total diva - Dynasty, Scruples - it all makes sense now. 

After Spring Collection, I was curious about Judith Krantz’s other work so I borrowed Scruples from the library. I was hooked! I devoured Scruples Two, I’ll Take Manhattan, Dazzle, Lovers and then Jewels of Tessa Kent. I guess you can say I became a die-hard fan all before the age of 18. 

I always meant to go back and read Princess Daisy, Mistral’s Daughter and Til We Meet Again but after Jewels of Tessa Kent, I got really busy living out my own Judith Krantz novel - IRL!

Through Judith Krantz, I really learned how a girl ought to live! Seriously from fashion to being a Boss, her storytelling really taught me how to live my best life. Maybe I live in the clouds, fantasy or fiction but I'll never forget the courage characters like Wilhelmina Hunnewell Winthrop ("Billy”) gave me to create my own reality. I’ve always been a bit dramatic! There’s something extremely empowering in reading the kind of fiction Krantz created. I didn’t read Sex and Shopping until the Fall/Winter of 2010 in which I found myself in an extremely unhappy marriage and situation. Maybe I needed some escapism - a place to dream. There I had all my answers to why I was drawn to Judith Krantz all those years. There were so many parallels to our lives and worlds. I made it a goal to send her a letter one day - basically I was totally fangirling but honestly, it took me a few years to write and send it. I was at a loss for words and didn’t want to sound exactly like to fangirl I was. Eventually, I got around to sending the letter. I never expected to hear back from her but a few weeks later she did. I was so happy, I made this cheesy video!

Yeah, I really did that! Every once in a while I reread one of her classics to remind myself to live my best Judith Krantz novel every day! You should too!

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