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Several months ago we went through a phase of minimizing our plastic consumption in our home. Now, it’s really a pain in the butt to do and it can get rather expensive because we had to find items to replace the things we were using that were made of plastic i.e. yoga mats, water bottles, etc. Most non-plastic water bottles still have plastic in them BTW, specifically around the mouth and bottle top. It’s apparently really hard to get rid of because the plastic acts as a barrier for preventing liquid from seeping out of the bottle. More on that later.

What really inspired us to make eliminating/minimizing plastic use was how much we learned about the quantity of plastic that is in the ocean and how plastic is getting into our food supply. Did you know we are not only finding plastic is seafood but there are now reports of microplastics being found in humans? Really terrifying! 

After going through all of the plastic things we could replace in our house, I learned about Truman’s cleaning supplies. I honestly never thought about how much plastic we were disposing of in terms of cleaning supplies but truth be told, it adds up! Non-toxic cleaning products is one of those things that seems like a luxury more than a necessity because it’s often accompanied by a premium price.  Truman’s make it easy and affordable to replace your traditional cleaners with safe, non-toxic cleaners. 

We already had a bunch of “natural” cleaning supplies from brands I’m sure you know and love. They work pretty well! They’re even mostly made of recyclable plastic. However, I took some time to consider the fact that we were still tossing out lots of plastic cleaning supplies and we decided it would be best if we could find a way to find a reusable bottle.

Truman’s ships you a simple starter kit that includes 4 reusable plastic spray bottles and 4 cartridges. The cartridges include one of each for the major areas of your home including the Kitchen, Bathroom, Floors, and Windows. They also come in a wide range of scents that will leave your home smelling freshly clean without making it smell like a combination of cleaning detergents masked behind a chemical floral scent. Want to see how Truman’s works? Check out my video for instructions of how to use Truman’s cartridges and how great in cleans your home! 

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