Tips to Get Your Land Sold Quicker and at a Higher Price

Selling a home can be very difficult, but what about selling land? There are many ways you can increase the worth of a home and get it sold more quickly. You can give it a fresh coat of paint, make a few repairs, improve the overall presentation. Those same tricks don’t work with a plot of land, as there isn’t much to work with. We often see land that’s on the market for quite a while. What, then, can you do about getting a great price for your land and getting it off the market quickly? Here are a few tips and tricks for selling your land.

Talk to your neighbors

Selling land that is adjacent to other properties? Speak first with your neighbors and see if they’d like the opportunity to expand their land. This is something many people think about doing but may not act on when the land comes up for sale. Some may also have not considered this as an option and may see the benefits. They can expand their yard to put an addition onto the house, build an inground pool for their growing family, or build a small mother-in-law suite to house an aging relative. Neighboring land can be especially valuable in farming areas, where farmers may want to expand their business. A farm may become overcrowded and the owner of it may be on the lookout for a bigger property. These farms can get expensive, whether you’re looking for farms for sale in Michigan, California, or Pennsylvania. Moving is also a lot of hard work, so if you have a neighboring farm that may be looking for a larger property, adding yours onto theirs would be the best money and time saver for them, and would get your property off your hands fairly quickly.

Manicure the lawn

If the plot of land you’re looking to sell is grassy and lush, you can give it a bit of a makeover to make it look more desirable. As mentioned before, it is not as easy as it is with a home to give it a coat of paint and a few easy repairs, but you can keep the lawn mowed or plant new grass if you’re selling a plot of land that may be used as a residential property in the future. If the land is dirt or gravel, you can still clean it up nicely so it’ll be more attractive to those who are looking to purchase.

Tour the property with buyers

If you have a potential buyer, it’s easy to assume that they know what they’re looking to purchase. It’s not like a home, where you need to take them through a tour of each of the rooms and the features of the home, such as appliances, or places you renovated. It is simply a plot of land that you can probably see from the sidewalk. Looking at your land with this mentality will keep you from selling the property as quickly as possible. Take the potential buyers on a tour of the property, helping them understand things such as where the property lines are, what types of grass and soil were used, and be there to answer questions about any issues that have come about on the land. If they are looking to build a home for their family on the plot, talk to them about the local schools, hospitals, and attractions. You can even offer to take them around the area for a tour. Even though it may look like a simple plot of land, it’s your sales technique that will really seal the deal.

Understand zoning laws

There are many reasons a person or business may want to purchase a plot of land. This could be for building a home, farm, business, parking lot, etc. Make sure you do the proper research so you can educate buyers on what types of structures can be built on this land. You may also want to do your research, not only in zoning permits and the ability to acquire them but on what type of building on your land is possible. For example, if your land has no sewer lines available, you may want to have your land tested to make sure a septic system can be installed. You may also want to drill a well on the property to make sure water is accessible if it’s not already available. Making the property available for all types of buyers, whatever their intention, will assure that more individuals and companies will be interested in what you have to sell.

Hire a realtor

These are a lot of factors that you might have trouble researching on your own. Hiring a realtor to help with the process can make your job a lot easier. While it may cost you, it may end up being a lifesaver in the end and remove a lot of headaches. If this is your first time selling a plot of land, an experienced realtor can help advise you of the best practices. Make sure you find yourself someone who is well-versed in the sale of land, as many realtors are not competent in this field. 

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