Performance Sports Bra for Trail Running - Patagonia Capilene Baselayer

I’ve been prepping for one of my favorite races coming up this weekend which is a bit different from my usual road races. I’ve discovered trail runs over the past few years and surprisingly really enjoy being in the mountains ( for a very short period of time)! 

My first trail run I was completely unprepared. My running friend suggested we run the race for the pancakes they serve at the end. The excitement of running + pancakes really blurred my judgment and I just jumped in without thinking about what kind of race I was running and how I should prepare differently from my road races. I went in completely blind and didn’t know that the elevation would increase about 500 feet at every mile until I reached the very top at an elevation of 2,670 feet and man that can be brutal on your body. One feeling I remember having is the chafing of my nipples as I made my way up the side of the mountain. Luckily by the time we were descending, it had warmed up quite a bit but I still felt discomfort that I didn’t generally feel during a road race. 

This time I’m much better prepared. Not only did I buy the right trail running shoes but I also have the right sports bra. There are many bras out there to choose from but I went with the classic outdoor brand, Patagonia.  Patagonia makes a sports bra specifically ideal for trail running.  From their Capilene line, the next - to -skin bra is designed for staying warm in cold weather with wick moisture and dry fast for varied temperatures. 



This sports bra basically looks like a plain old bra but it’s historically highly regarded for its efficiency and simplicity. Used by women in the U.S. Military, they are lightweight and have a very durable band so it doesn’t loosen as it stretches from constant movement. The bra also doesn’t have any padding or inserts. So it’s not meant to be flattering but it is meant to get the job done. So during my race, I can just focus on hitting the hills, dirt in my face and sweat in my eyes.

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