Hybrid Gear - Adapt to Life Ladies Four Seasons Hooded Pullover T-Shirt Review

I just finish running the Verdugo 10K Trail Run 2 days ago and am in recovery mode (which is the hardest part for me because I’m always on the move) but seriously I should probably sit down for the next week before I try to run another race!

Leading up to the race, I was putting together my outfit, trying to decide on the right leggings, sports bra, and top. My last trail run which was also my first, I completely winged it so I wanted to be more planned out this time around with the right gear.

It’s really important to be comfortable and to feel that your clothes are providing the right support. This is probably way more important for women than it is for men but I’m sure guys have their needs too. A lot of my workout clothes are meant for trail runs so I had to curate items from new brands.  I picked a top from Hybrid Gear for this race. Hybrid Gear is an e-commerce activewear site that carries a wide range of athletic performance clothing. I thought Hybrid Gear’s Hooded Pull Over T-shirt was perfect for this race because of its super lightweight feel and moisture wick. It’s an all-weather/year-round shirt which is perfect for the 2,670 foot climb the Verdugo Mountains. Although I wasn’t planning on using the hood portion of the top, mainly because of my hair, I felt it just added to the overall comfort of the shirt by providing a higher neckline. 

During the first half of the race, you’re definitely going to sweat a lot. I mean sweat was pouring down the front of my face and down my back before I was even at the first-mile marker but one thing I realized at about mile 2.5 is that I didn’t get cold from the sweat as my body adapted and started to cool off. I never once thought about the uncomfortable wetness of the sweat on my clothes. So I think the top did a really great job at pulling the moisture away.  I did feel that the shirt held more of a smell than I’d like it to but I don’t think that’s really avoidable for most gear during a run like that. 

As for the overall style of the Hybrid Gear top, the fit is flattering without being too tight and constricting. I believe that when you’re running a race, it’s important to be able to move freely..and also you want to have flattering photos in your athletic gear. Hybrid Gear also makes an assortment of other athletic apparel including leggings, tanks, sweatshirts and more. For more details visit, hgusa.co/DAISI to receive BOGO 50% off or enter Promo Code: DAISI at checkout! 

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