Healthy Choice Power Bowls Review

Let start with the fact that I never eat frozen meals. Ok mayyybeeee a pizza here or there but definitely not a meal that features vegetables which are supposed to be fresh. However, I was recently asked to try the new Healthy Choice Power Bowls. Healthy Choice has 3 main categories  - Power Bowls Morning, Power Bowls that feature meat and Power Bowls for Vegans and Vegetarians. They come neatly packaged in an easy to carry slim biodegradable bowl wrapped in a minimalistic cardboard packaging.

What’s even more different from any other traditional category of frozen meals is that the bowl's ingredients are pretty clean.  Each bowl’s nutrition facts are based on their particular recipe, i.e. the Chicken Feta & Farro bowl and the Vegan Cauliflower Curry Bowl are going to have different calorie counts, fat contents and sodium levels.  

On a working errand to Target, I was hitting my limits in the patients and attention span department when I remembered that I need to pick up a Power Bowl to try and review. When I hit my hunger limits its a dangerous combination of being hungry and busy at the same time.  I really loved the display of Power Bowls in the frozen section. They had every option on display and it was easy to read the labels without having to stand with the freezer open for what feels like hours. I picked up the Cauliflower Curry bowl. I find that they are perfect for a quick working lunch. You know the type you eat while you sitting at your desk trying to get out emails. I’m pretty apprehensive about using plastics. In fact, last year we purged and replaced many items in our house that conventionally were made of plastic like our water bottles, plastic bowls, drinking glasses, and cooking utensils so I love that they don't use plastic.

Here’s what is in the Cauliflower Curry Power Bowl:

Cauliflower Curry, Lentils & Cauliflower with Chard, Kale and Spinach served on top of Brown & Red Rice, Red Quinoa and Black Barley with a Spicy Curry Sauce. 

According to the nutrition facts, the Cauliflower Curry has:

290 calories
400 mg sodium
14 grams of protein
7g fiber
No artificial flavors
No preservatives

So it’s high in protein and low in artifice ingredients. You can also get your Power Bowls easily delivered with Amazon Fresh. Amazon carries every Healthy Choice Power Bowl making it easy to store up on really good and healthy quick meals.

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