How to Book Comedians and Live Bands for your Next Event with the Special Guest App

As many of my readers & subscribers already know, I own an influencer community and agency which means that we plan and host a lot of events! Handling the logistics of those events can be overwhelming and have a lot of moving parts from catering, attendance, gifting and of course, entertainment.

A small team managing all of these aspects can be hectic leading up to the event. It’s hard to automate a lot of things like catering and staffing because you really need to communicate with the different teams to make sure things are on-point but what about the entertainment? Do you really have time to sit through hours of bands and performers auditioning to perform at your event? I definitely do not!

These days everybody has a cousin, friend or friends of a friend that’s a DJ and sometimes referrals are great. You could sift through posts on Craigslist and pray that the talent is going to show up but if there was an app specifically for booking a live performer for your event where you can easily view their profile and their performances?  

Well, there is! Its called “Special Guest” The Special Guest app helps you find talent for your personal or business events. You can hire performers for your wedding, birthday parties, corporate events, bars, and restaurants. Using the Special Guest app is free for both talent and customers. However, customers are charged a service fee when booking through the app. So you don’t have to pay unless you’re hiring someone from the app. So no subscriptions, yay!

Special Guest also has some really great policies and features for talent too. The app features several categories including musicians, comedians, magicians, dancers, DJs, bands, singers, artists, and even kids entertainers. Special Guest also features specialized “Talent Buyers” that help users select the right talent for their events. Special Guest helps talent get more paid gigs - honestly, I haven’t seen any talent listed on this app for less than $200 per hour. It’s obviously a great place to be seen by uses such as venue operators, event planners and so forth.

It definitely can add to the bottom line helping talent make more money doing what they love and Special Guest app seems like a great tool to use as a professional electronic press kit that BTW is 100% free! If you’re an industry pro and you’re sitting there thinking that this app was built by a dinosaur Hollywood agent looking to gain market share over the ever democratization of the entertainment industry - you’re wrong!

The Special Guest app was created and founded by Hollywood talent royalty, Damon Wayans Jr. with investor, Kris Jones. You can download the Special Guest App in the App Store and start planning your next party here!

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