Fabletics March 2019 Haul + Try-On Review

I can’t get enough of Fabletics. Seriously it’s like a chocolate addiction. Every single month there’s new styles, fabrics, colors - what’s a girl to do, REALLY? I’m so ashamed because at some point very, very soon, Mr. DJR is going to politely ask me to STOP with the Fabletics and then my heart will miss a beat! Joking, he would never ask me to stop but he might just give me a side eye at yet a new outfit. 

For March I ordered a pair of seamless jacquard black/gray leggings with 4-way stretch. I really like the design on these. They’ve got a moto look going on without being leather. To match, or should I say coordinate, it came with a cropped swing tank which as I mention in my video, I’m a little apprehensive about because it only looks good when the front is tied up. Otherwise, I look pudgy. I think it’s because of my boobs. I mean they aren’t especially big but in any top called a “swing” top, I mind as well have DD’s.  

I didn’t go overboard too much with this order. I only ordered one additional item which was the main reason I made a purchase this month in the first place. Once I laid eyes on this Sydney Twist Front Hoodie, I couldn’t look away. It’s totally my style and since it’s arrived, I must put it on at least once per day. It’s got a wide collar which covers enough to wear just a sports bra underneath but you can also layer a tank or tee under it as well. You can see what I'm talking about in my video below!

Luckily you, I've already received my order for April so you won’t have to wait until the end of the month to see what I’ve ordered!

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