Live Where You Rent, Rent What You Own

Wow, Spring has sprung and I’ve barely blinked! There’s been a lot going on since the New Year. I mean I just feel like it’s been an all-out sprint to spring. Since January we’ve been on the hunt for some new business endeavors and investments which thus far has included a new hair salon and some investment property. We’ve decided to stay in our current apartment in the city since from one, we love it so much and two, moving anytime in the near future just seems like an incredible feat even for us. 

You’ve likely never heard the saying,” Live Where You Rent, Rent What You Own” but it’s something I picked up from someone, somewhere a while back and since has left an imprint on my brain forever. 

A lot of my readers and followers have been asking me about my investment strategies especially being a “self-made” entrepreneur - in largely a creative and often times “fleeting” industry. 

With real estate being a growing piece of my investment portfolio many have asked how I manage it all, especially when it comes to going through the frustration of finding a broker, perfect property and all of the paperwork. Technology!

Recently I've been searching for San Diego homes for sale. I’m interested in San Diego mainly because of tourism and business but I really don’t want to drive 2.5 hours to San Diego on a wild goose chase trying to do everything on my own. Are you kidding me? I also wanted to find a way to smooth out all of the due diligence and closing procedures.  

Investing in real estate has provided an additional cash flow that allows me the flexibility and comfort knowing that I’ve got a really good and steady passive income while also being able to enjoy my creative active income without having to sacrifice my lifestyle or values because you know that even being a blogger can come with some questionable offers when you’re trying to make a living!

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