Fabletics President's Day Sale February Haul

There was a time in my life when I never imagined myself wearing athleisure as much as I do now. Really, I would have tossed my nose up at the suggestion that I wear leggings anywhere else besides the gym and maybe to clean my house. Alas, look at me now chatting up an athleisure brand such as Fabletics with way too much enthusiasm. 

If I’m not careful I can literally find myself wearing an outfit a day for a full week without even thinking of changing into proper clothes. I can believe how acceptable spandex has become.

I just got in my new order and I’m now the proud owner of 4 new athleisure outfits from Fabletics. Last month they ran a huge sale for President’s Day. Everything was 50% off if you are a VIP. I really had to hold myself back from racking up a large bill that I would regret knowing that Fabletics would only be releasing new styles for March. Haha, wait until you see my March Looks! 

I originally thought that I would take advantage of the sale in order to save on some pullovers for running since it’s been colder these days but what ended up being in my shopping cart was 3 sports bras with matching leggings and one pullover paired with a black/blue legging. I don’t know if I can even call it a real pullover. It’s more like a thin long sleeve shirt but I love the look and you know the “look” is more important than whether it actually keeps you warm. Why would I ever buy something functional!

So here’s a roundup of the outfits I purchased during the President’s Day Sale:

                                            Seamless Printed 7/8 & Brynn Seamless Sports Bra

                                 Yin Seamless Mid-Rise Jacquard 7/8 & Eliza Seamless Sports Bra 

Here’s an in-depth look at everything I ordered, including the fit and overall quality. I also go into some detail with regard to the pricing although everything here was only on sale for a limited amount of time.  Nonetheless, enjoy!


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