A Trip to Alchemy 43 and 15 units of Botox Later

A Trip to Alchemy 43 and 15 units of Botox Later| DaisiJoReviews.com
24 hours after my Botox Treatment
I know, I know, like “did I really get Botox?” The short answer is, “Yes.” No exclamation point. The longer answer though…..well, first of all, let me explain how I got to the thought that it would be an interesting experiment. I was sick for the past week with a cold and was feeling a bit ragged, to say the least. I definitely needed some sunlight but I also was at my wit's end for why I was starting to see darkness under my eyes even when I was getting enough sleep. My under eye area was becoming a bit hollow for my comfort levels. I felt like I was starting to look like a gaunt marathon runner. Which would totally make sense but besides the logic in knowing that many active women my age start to loose density in their faces due to tons of physical activity, I’m not ready to just lie down and take that. 

So while recovering from my cold, I spent many of days scrolling Instagram and I kept seeing ads for Alchemy43 and before & afters from Prolase where I get my laser hair removal. You’d be so amazed at how many people are getting injectables and what a difference it makes. I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t getting invious of all the "Afters". I was like WTF am I missing something here?  Wanting to know more about Botox and fillers, I asked around to a few people about the pros and cons but ultimately decided to decide for myself. 

So I filled out a form on Alchemy43’s website which led to a text communication to set an appointment and then next thing I knew, I was sitting in their chair the next day. 
After explaining to the specialist the problems with the darkness under my eyes, (which honestly felt like therapy) and asking a million and one questions about safety, effectiveness, and longevity, I decided to get their Bright Eyes menu option. 

A Trip to Alchemy 43 and 15 units of Botox Later| DaisiJoReviews.com

Let me back up a second and describe Alchemy43 for you in case you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about or are curious but aren’t really sure about taking the plunge. Alchemy43 is an aesthetics boutique that specializes in micro treatments including Botox,  Fillers and something they call Beauty Boosts, which is a menu of masks, shots, and other treatments meant to be one-offs. 

The esthetic of their studio is very Instagrammable like most places these days. It’s meant to make you feel welcome, at home, and free to share your most vulnerable concerns about something most people are extremely protective about - your looks. After you sign in and sign a very long list of waivers which looks like there’s a different waiver from each injectable brand (i.e. Dysport for Botox, Juvederm for fillers, etc.), you’re whisked away into a private room with your consultant. After sharing my concerns about my eyes, and of course, we went into discussing the possibilities of other areas; I took a few 3D photos. One a large monitor, we were able to to see what I would look like with various micro treatments. Honestly, this was an amazing experience. In the end, I decided to go ahead with the treatment I came for which was the "Hello Bright Eyes”. I received 15 units of Botox around my eye sock which is meant to refresh tired eyes. The process was really simple. The esthetician prepped my eye area with alcohol and began the injections. The injections are tiny and you barely feel the needle. Within I’d say 15 minutes, you’re completely done and are ready to pay and continue with your day. 

A Trip to Alchemy 43 and 15 units of Botox Later| DaisiJoReviews.com

Afterward, I had to make sure I didn’t lay down for at least 6 hours, didn’t workout for at least 24 hours, refrained from strenuous exercise and other treatments like saunas, laser facials, etc. By the end of the night, I was able to continue my nightly skincare routine (minus using my exfoliating sponge). Luckily, I received a new shipment of The Ordinary products from Sephora which included an eye cream I’ve been dying to try. So between the Botox and my new eye cream, I ready to work miracles!

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