Stop Hair Shedding | Intact Hair Review + Demo

It’s the driest season of the year in LA and for me, that means my hair is constantly dry too which leads to having to deal with the risk of breakage and just flat out shedding. Most people shed hair around this time of year. You’re like to shed around 100-150 hairs a day. Again, this is completely normal for Fall/Winter months. However, you can minimize shedding and in some cases, completely stop it all together.

I’ve been using Intact Hair for a little over a week and it’s really done wonders with preventing my hair from fall out or shedding. I’ve dealt with serious shedding a few occasions and hair fall out definitely affects me when I’m under a ton of stress. I’ll literally get complete bald spots where my hair has fallen out by the clump. This is probably an extreme case but many women suffer from hair shedding due to postpartum, traction alopecia, chemical processing, medication, and some women have low-density hair, making it look as though there’s balding. 

Intact Hair is a root securing complex that works to prevent hair fall out when it is applied directly to the scalp and massaged in as a pre-treatment to any hair processing and/or styling. Ultimately, you rinse it out so it’s not meant as a permanent treatment. So, if you’re going to wash your hair, just applied Intact Hair to your scalp 10 minutes before you start washing your hair. The PiliLock Complex in Intact Hair temporarily reinforces the hair matrix to help reduce hair fall out. It works during most hair styling and processing that involves pulling, manipulation, coloring, cutting, blow-drying, hot tools styling and even exertion installation and removal. 

I literally saw half of the amount of hair I usually see trapped around my tubeshroom. I was even able to get my hair fall out during a wash down to zero once. I’ll let you know if that happens again. The only semi-uncomfortable thing I experienced was that after applying Intact Hair to my roots, my hair felt a bit dry and stiff. I just made sure to be extra delicate with combing and brushing before I washed it out. To see my Before & After, watch my video demo,


Intact Hair comes in 3 sizes:  

2 Fl Oz/60 mL - $34.00
4 Fl Oz/120 mL - $54.00
13.5 Fl Oz/400 mL - $160.00

All sizes are currently exclusively available at but if you want to try it for Free, I’m hosting a Giveaway on my Instagram Page. Visit @DaisiJoReviews for details!

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