Daisi Jo Reviews at the 2018 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show

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Daisi Jo Reviews at the 2018 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure ShowI attended the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center again this year and this time I decided to take my video crew with me!

Last year was really great but this year was awesome! It felt like there were a lot more vendors this year and the energy was much more upbeat. 

I hate to sound like a lush (which I’m not) but I think the cocktail booths really helped liven up things. If you were of age (of course) you got a wristband and refills all throughout the day. 

Daisi Jo Reviews at the 2018 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure ShowThere also seemed to be more booths cashing in on the Instagram phenomenon. There were a lot more photo props and opportunities than there were last year. I loved the camel rides and the scuba diving classes. There were also a ton of speakers share the highlights of their travels, best tips for packing, getting through airports and taking group tours. 

The cooking sessions are always hit and this year was no different. Chefs from all over came to the Travel & Adventure Show to demonstrate their best dishes. Celebrity Chefs from top TV shows also made appearances.

I know you want to see more so check out my quick recap of the 2018 Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show!


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