L.A. Colors Liquid Foundation Makeup Review & Demo

L.A. Colors Liquid Foundation Makeup Review & Demo by DaisiJoReviews.com
L.A. Colors Liquid Foundation Makeup Review & Demo
My foundation box (yes, you heard me, “Box”) is getting really full and while I was going through it this morning I realized that I haven’t done a proper review on several of my foundations including this L.A. Colors Liquid Foundation - actually, I hadn’t even used it!

So, what do I think about it, you ask? First off, the price is great - $2 from Daiso. You can’t beat that. I also like the pump dispenser and the separate cover that covers the dispenser so that there aren't any unexpected spills. Just based on the outside color of the bottle I was able to match my skin tone pretty well without having the opportunity to sample it inside the store. It’s also cruelty-free like most foundations are these days. So at least for the price, L.A. Colors is following industry awareness into the cruelty-free direction. 

So what do I think L.A. Colors could improve on? They only have 9 shades available from Buff to Ebony. The foundation itself, the packaging, etc. looks cheap - which it is for only $2.00. 

My parting advice if you’re considering L.A. Colors foundation? It reminds me of BH Cosmetics Foundations in terms of the feel. I would describe it as having a silicone texture when applying it on your skin. It seems to dry rather quickly which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Depending on how much blending you need to do - move fast when applying! 

If you don't have a Daiso near you, you can grab a bottle of L.A. Colors Liquid Foundation here, http://daisijoreviews.site/lacolorsliquidfoundation

Watch my full video review of L.A. Colors Foundation complete with swatches and try-on!

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