What I'm Wearing This Fall! | Allbirds Wool Loungers: REVIEW

Mr. DJR introduced these to me a few months ago which means it was smack dab in the middle of Summer. I was a bit skeptical because it was hot as balls when we committed to buying two pairs of Allbirds but once I wore them for the first time my summer sandals went straight into the closet. Outside of heels and my running shoes, I haven’t worn anything else since. 

Allbirds are these amazing comfy shoes made of merino wool from New Zealand, making them perfect for Fall weather no matter where you are. Allbirds makes two styles of shoes, Loungers and Runners. I have the Loungers in Classic SF Gray! They go with everything - almost. I mean, I haven’t tried wearing them with an evening gown! 

What really won me over was when we were having a heatwave and I was recovering from my wisdom tooth extraction. I was going out for long early morning walks and in place of my running sneakers, I wore my Allbird Loungers. Since the merino wool is lightweight and breathable, the shoes kept my feet cool in the heat. I walked over 10 miles before my feet got tired. I’m looking forward to these also keeping my feet warm as the temperature cools down. Unlike many of my sandals and ballerina flats, the Allbirds are really flexible so I can jump, squat and have a good time without worry about them hurting my feet. 

So far I’ve washed my Allbirds twice and they stayed in tact. Just throw them in the washing machine and let them air dry. The insoles are replaceable and washable too! The only reservation I have is that they pick up dirty pretty easily. That’s mainly because I have light colored gray. Next, I’ll probably get them in a darker color just to have some diversity. 

Allbirds seriously feel like wearing slippers - with style! The Loungers will run you $95 and the replaceable insoles are $25. Currently, Allbirds are mainly available online but look for some of their pop-up locations including their concept store in SF!  

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