Easy Breakfast In 1 Minute with Zen Breakfast Blend | Facebook Live Demo

On our last Daisi Jo Reviews Live segment on Facebook, I featured a new product from Mind Body Foods called Zen Breakfast Blend. It's a vegan and gluten-free smoothie that combines real nut & seeds such as flax & chia seeds with plant-based proteins and is every bit as addicting as they said it would be!

It's summertime and not only do we tend to look for healthier, lighter ways to eat but we also look for quicker ways to prepare our meals so that we have more time to enjoy the beautiful weather. I've found a new fast & nutritious breakfast that gives you the energy you need in the morning to start your day. 

Zen Breakfast Blend comes in two flavors, Chocolate Cherry Almond and Chocolate Blueberry Walnut. To make a Zen Breakfast Blend smoothie, it only takes adding your favorite milk whether that be soy, cows milk, coconut milk or a nut-based milk such as almond milk. A lot of people like to add even more flavor and nutrition by adding a banana (which is one of my morning favorites)! 

Now I know you're probably wondering how long it takes to make one of these smoothies.  As the title of this blog says, It actually only takes 1 minute to blend - and you're good to go! A Zen Breakfast Blend smoothie has 400 calories on average. Many people have suggested that it's kept them full throughout the day. In my experience, it's definitely kept me full through lunchtime.

During my last Facebook Livecast, I prepared my Zen Breakfast Blend Smoothie to demonstrate how easy it is to make.  Here is a recap of the video including Q&A's from viewers.

Zen Breakfast Blend is offering all of readers and viewers a 10% discount on 5-packs, just follow the link and the discount will be provided at checkout,  

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