How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners | Sylk Contour Makeup Brush Set

This is the 2nd in the series of 4 videos for Sylk Contour Eyeshadow Makeup Brushes. This video is all about How To use eyeshadow makeup brushes. The Sylk Contour set comes with 4 brushes: a Blending Brush, Small Shader Brush, Angle Brush, and Eyeliner Brush.  The brushes have soft and smooth bristles for easy application of eye shadow or eye liner!

Check out my tutorial video below! It will definitely be useful if you are new to wearing makeup and your just getting started on your makeup journey!

Many women don’t want to spend money on overprices makeup brush kits. Silk Contour looks and feels like some of the best makeup brushes on the market such as MAC and Sigma but Sylk Contour brushes are not cheap dupes of designer brands. You can achieve an elegant eye makeup look. I’ve used them several times now so I can tell you first hand that they won’t break or shed after washing. They are very sturdy and the ferrules are made from copper and won’t rust. 

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