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This is last of my 4 part video series for Sylk Contour eye makeup brushes. Today’s video focuses on using the Sylk Contour brush set to do a smokey eye. First I want to tell you a little more about the Sylk Contour brushes. Silk Conout uses soft bristles that are gentle on the skin. The Brush Kit Includes: 

Angle Brush: Excellent for filling your eyebrows, even in the thinnest areas. It can also be used to define your eyes, giving your crease a more precise line. 

Small Shader/Compact Brush: Ideal for applying and blending cream or powdered eye shadows. Its unique fibers allow for moderate to intense color playoff. The one-of-a-kind shape makes precision and accuracy a sure thing, every time. 

Blending/Crease Brush: This versatile, soft-haired brush allows for the ideal application of shadow all over your lids. Its texture give you the ability to diffuse and blend the shadow, allowing for the desired, flawless look. 

Eyeliner Brush: This thin brush gives you the ability to pick the precise thickness of your liner.

So now you are all set to follow along!

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