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For the last year I’ve bee using another shampoo and conditioner line from L’Oreal called the Oleo Therapy that I really love! Now L’Oreal has completely won me over with their EverPure Repair and Defend line. if you read my blog or watch my videos than you probably know that I talk a lot about taking care of my hair since it goes through a lot of changes. Last year was especially terrible because I went through a few dramatic color changes and was also experiencing additional life stress which really recked my hair for a while there. Now, I’m back on track. My hair is healthy and growing again! EverPure is definitely helping!

In my video, I talk about how creamy and thick the products are. I actually show you my entire process of using the EverPure products. I washed, conditioned and used the hair mask in my video. You can definitely see the difference in the Before and After shots.

During my first use I really could feel the difference in how my moisturized and soft my hair felt. Most of all the ends of my hair, which I was having the most trouble with, are now smooth and look much healthier. Which makes total sense because L’Oreal’s EverPure line is made to repair damaged, color treated hair. The products are formulated with exclusive antioxidant couples which includes acas, goji and UV Filters. So it is an asset for summer hair, protecting it from color aggressors like UV Rays.

will definitely be switching out my Oleo Therapy for EverPure Repair and Defend for the summer months and then returning to the Oleo Therapy in the Fall!

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