Your Cheap Virtual Reality Fix | Daisi Jo Reviews Live on Persicope

This must be where my girliness really shows through because truthfully I don’t get all of the hype about VR or AR. If you’re a woman who doesn’t quite get what the VR things is about, let me explain.  My boyfriend bought the Google Cardboard VR headset from UBlisstime a few months back. It’s literally under $20.

Google released cardboard pattern where anyone can purchase or make their own headset. Some people setup their own websites selling the complete kit which includes the cardboard, telco and some kind of adhesive. There are literally dozens of cardboard kits out there but we got ours from Most kits don’t come preassembled so be prepared to have to read some instructions and start figuring out where things are supposed to go. It’s pretty easy and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. 

You also need to download a VR app. We used Jaunt VR but there are quite a few of them so you’ll have to play around with a few to see which one you like. 

Here are some things you should be ready for:
VR will definitely make you have a headache.
It will make you dizzy.
And you may even be nauseas

VR is a really new experience for most people. That it gives people simulation sickness which is like motion sickness but the opposite is actually happening. Your brain thinks you’re moving but your body senses stillness.  Which leads me to what happened when I featured the Cardboard VR set on DJR Lives. I was playing with the VR set for about an hour before I went live, which I should have known better. It made me feel very loopy on this video to the point that I felt like I was struggling through the video so i’ll probably have to go back and make a better video explanation some time in the near future- perhaps when we get a new VR set. Anyway, enjoy the video and I
‘ll see you guys live next week!

UBlisstime -
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Don’t have Periscope yet? Download it HERE!

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