Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum Review

I’ve reviewed a several products by Valentia and I really like the results I’ve seen from using them. Now I am trying out their Lift Revitalizing Serum which renews texture & tone, deeply moisturizes, minimizes fine lines and increases elasticity.
The key ingredients in Revitalizing Serum are: wakame bioferment (seaweed), gotu kola, lactic acid, licorice and argan oil. 

The Wakame Bioferment (Seaweed) is supposed to increase the oxygen in the skin to detoxify and boost antioxidant defense. Gotu Kola lessens the appearance of scars. Lactic Acid is actually a natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which increases skin cell turnover. Licorice is a natural skin lightener that is used for correcting skin discoloration. Arian Oil helps reduce water loss and protects skin’s resiliency and elasticity.

I think this serum has more of a liquid texture than the other products I’ve gotten from Valentia. Although this product isn’t the same as the others, I was expecting a more consistent texture. I really like I have to work this serum into my skin a little more. I do like how the product does work well with other products such as applying moisturizers on top of the serum. 

After about 1 week, I can really say whether it works yet. I link to give a product at least half a bottle or even a full use first. I’m approaching 36 but I don’t have any fine lines on my face. I do however, have naturally dry skin so I have always been proactive about stay well moisturized. 

Valentia has always done really nice bottling and packaging. The pump is great and makes it super easy to use.  I’m really happy that I don’t have to force the serum out of the bottle. 

I’d love to know if you’ve tried Valentia Clear Revitalizing Serum and if you like it? If you haven’t, you can find it on Amazon or at Are you curious about Valentia’s other products? Here are some of my favorites! 

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