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Around my house I’m known as Handy Model 101 because of my very improvised  DIY fixes. I’m always mending, gluing, jimmy rigging something. I was first introduced to Sugru two weeks ago when my boyfriend was doing some Amazon shopping and randomly asked me if I wanted a pack. Neither of us had tried it before but he said it seemed like something I would like because I could make things with it and the rest is history.  My mind is boggled about how many different ways you can use this.

Surge is a strong rubber that can be formed and shaped by hand. It sticks to most surfaces and cures over a 24 hour period into a tough flexible silicone. It can be used for almost anything - well not food, of course. It’s uses are endless, only limited maybe by your imagination. Surgu is extremely durable, flexible and waterproof. Each pack of Sugru comes with a set of 5 gram packs. Mine came with 8 packs in black, white, blue, yellow and red. 

When you open a pack, Sugru looks and feels just like Play-Doh but without the odor. The basics of working the Sugru is that you figure out how much of the pack you need. For example, 1, 2 or 3 pieces. Then you typically start by rolling it in a ball and then shaping it for whatever you are planning house it for. 

On Daisi Jo Reviews Live on Periscope today I used Sugru to fix my iPhone charger cord and to make a shield for my scissors. You can see it in full action here.

I let the Sugru set overnight so tomorrow when I am back in the studio, I’ll see how it set. You should also know that Sugru is electrically non-conductive so using it with wires and around electricity is totally fine. I’ve got about 6 packs lefts and now that I’ve got the hang of working with Sugru, I’m sure I’ll get busy fixing and doing all kinds of hacks around the studio and home. 

If you can’t tell, I’ve completely fallen in love with Sugru and it’s now my go-to for an endless list of ideas.

Scissor Shield

Cord Wrap

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