Yoins.com Fashion and Accessory Haul/Review

I’m one that believes you can make anything look great - even super cheap things! My grandmother once told me that if you stay thin, you can wear anything. Although, today that is so politically incorrect,  I still have to admit I agree with her. Which leads me to today’s review of Yoins.com. 

Yoins.com is a Chinese e-commerce/manufacturer of fast-fashion goods including clothing,accessories and shoes. It’s pronounced "Y-oins", like "Coins" but without the “C”. Don’t ask me why because, I don’t have an answer. 

Like SammyDress.com, Rosewholesale.com and a slew of other sites, Yoins.com offers extremely low-cost on-trend fashion. The clothes aren’t meant to be of good quality so getting your hopes of for high-end designer at discount prices is a complete waste of time. What Yoins.com is, is a high-end replication factory where you can look almost as good as a French fashion model. Ok not really but close!

Yoins sent me a package of pre-selected items to model for DJR and to blog about with you guys. The first package came with the items you see in this post:

- Blue high waisted pants
-Tuxedo Skirt with gold accent buttons
- Statement necklace with earrings
- Ring/Bracelet
- Double knuckle ring

The first shipment of products arrived damaged. The pants were unwearable, the jewelry broken and the skirt 2 sizes too small. I messaged them about the faulty delivery and they quickly sent me a second shipment with no issue. The second shipment arrived quicker than the first (like within a week) that is a huge indicator that there doesn’t necessarily need to be a 3 week delivery window but I understand these companies are trying to ship the cheapest way possible. 

All in all, Yoins.com isn’t my first destination for super cheap fast-fashion. I think SammyDress.com delivers the same value with slightly better quality items. Tell me your experience with Yoins.com? Have you bought anything on their website? This post was sponsored by Yoins.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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