The Best Thing That Came Out of OkiPoki Was Our Photos | OkiPoki Review

It may just be us being spoiled by all the great poke places but our trip to OkiPoki was everything but exciting. It is very rare that I write bad reviews on DJR but after a few weeks of still not getting over our experience…and the pressure from the BF to post about it, I decided to. The best thing that came out of OkiPoki was our photos.

First, I didn’t like that they served the poke on a plate instead of bowls. Several of the other places in DTLA serve the poke in a bowl or a large cup which definitely helps with the fusion of flavor and eating rice with chopsticks (if you must).  There is only a bar in the shape of a “U” for you to sit making it feel like a "hurry up, eat and leave” kind of place. We had a uni and a shooter but it was So tiny that it couldn’t possibly be considered an appetizer. 

The place was rather bare feeling. There was one couple sitting across from us on the other side of the bar.  and the manager was a bit of a micromanager which led to a very uncomfortable feeling since we could see every interaction from the bar. Everything is extremely overpriced, especially considering that there are two other poke places in the neighborhood - within walking distance that are much better and cheaper. 

I, We really wanted to like this place. We are poke dreamers, hoping that there will be a new poke restaurant opening on the horizon! I know its dramatic but seriously it is.  

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