Matte Lipsticks from Sashe Cosmetics

I’ve been dying to get these matte lipsticks up on the blog but I was tied up doing a video and photo shoot for the brand so I wasn’t abel to get around to it. Sasha Cosmetics released there new Kisses Collection a few months ago and I’ve been in love with all of the colors. I’ve got several of them and they are great for relatively cheap matter lipsticks. For one, they are very creamy and go on smooth. You do have to work the lipstick into place rather quickly because once it sets - it sets. If you know what I mean! There’s definitely not any moving around on those lips. 

I typically only have to apply the lipstick once because it stays perfect throughout the day - even after I’ve eaten lunch or gone to dinner. Sasha Cosmetics is probably considered more of a drugstore brand than I department store brand, although you can only get it online for only $20.

I have the colors, danger, relevant, focused, devoted, reboot. I did a short haul video along with some edits from the shoot I did for Sashe. You can see my video on the Daisi Jo Reviews channel on Youtube,

Check Sashe’s new colors on their website, 

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