Daisi Jo Reviews Live | Making Hearts with the SketchPro 3D Drawing Pen | Review and Demo

Prime Products Unlimited sent me this 3D Drawing Pen to try out and potentially post on DJR. I’ve got to say that this pen is really like a miniature 3D printing device. I mean it’s significantly cheaper than a 3D Printer and it is very portable. The SketchPro 3D comes with the pen, power supply plug, 3 filaments in black, white and read, an ebook featuring stencils and an instructional manual.

If you tuned into my DJR Live session on Periscope, than you saw my full unboxing and tutorial on how the pen works. It is pretty simple. The pen is powered by a power supply. I would say that is the only downside because you have to be next to a wall plug in order to use it. Once it is plugged in, you can turn it on and set it to the temperature appropriate for the type of filament you plan to use. 

For this pen and filament, it seems to work best when it is set over 200. It heats up within a minute and then you can begin to insert the filament. You use the controls along the side of the pen to control how fast or slow you want the filament to come out. There are also controls on the inside of the pen that help you insert or release the filament. 

This 3D pen is great for kids and people that like doing crafting projects. It isn’t made for things like replacing plastic parts for other machinery so please don’t think you can use it to make a plastic mold for a broken kitchen appliance or a plastic part for a toy. This is not the purpose of this pen. 

It’s on sale on Amazon for $64.88 and with Prime you get Free Shipping of course. 

I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Don’t have Periscope yet? Download it HERE!

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