Do Cellulite Creams Really Work? Earth Essence Cellulite Cream

Truth be told, there’s always a bunch of noise about whether cellulite creams work or not and if there’s one that will reduce the signs of cellulite by giving the skin an ‘airbrush’ appearance.

Yes, moisturizing the skin definitely helps keep skin looking firmer but what about cellulite creams? Is there a magic potion? Earth Essence claims to have the proven cellulite cream that will firm up the body using a serum formulated for shaping and contouring the body.

This cream absorbs quickly and without greasiness. It works on thighs, butt, legs & stomach. Earth Essence contains natural and organic ingredients such as caffeine, reship seed oil, and green tea. It also contains collagen and retinyl palmitate.  
All of the ingredients work together to enhance the skin’s metabolic rate for cell renewal making the skin look young and healthier. Stimulation to the area causes the drainage of liquids and toxins to disperse fat cells.

 Now the real test is whether our not the results are visible! I used it for a few weeks and saw more smoothness of the skin around my hip area. I noticed a difference in the firmness and tone of my  cellulite bumps and dimples.

Did I mention it has nice lavender scent! Check out my more in-depth review video!


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