Meet Weave, Tinder for the Entrepreneurial Woman - Weave Closing Update


Hey Guys,

Sadly, last week Weave announced that they were closing their doors. So as of Monday, they no longer exist.  Here is a new networking app for you to try out - Shapr App.
I've seen them advertising on Instagram but I haven't taken the leap to download it just yet. So, look for my review in the coming weeks!

Weave is a location based networking-meets-social-discovery mobile app. Like Tinder, Weave allows you to swipe through profiles for introductions to people you would like to meet. Unlike Tinder, it’s about the hookup and strictly about Business. 

Weave signs you and logs you into the app through your LinkedIn profile and then offers an endless flow of nearby professionals who are also interested in networking and setting up  face-to-face meetings. Both parties can  swipe “yes” or “no”. Weave really simplifies networking. Swipe “yes”, chat and meet!

They've taken networking to a whole other level by automating the process of setting up a place and time to meet.
Traditionally if you want to meet someone is that you ask for a referral or introductions from someone in your network who knows the the person you want to meet or you attend networking events. With Weave and their new product, Concierge, networking and setting up a meeting is automated. For example, lets say you set your networking preferences for the people you want to meet. Then Weave matches you with those people with common interests, setup up the meeting based on their default day and time (Fridays at 10am) and all you do is show up and chat! 

Weave is great for hiring, networking and fundraising. I’ve been using Weave for a few months now and there definitely needs to be more women on the platform. There are plenty of entrepreneurs, recruiters and even investors using the app! Download Weave on iTunes 

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