When I heard about L. Condoms, I just simply thought it was another trendy condom company that was rebranding generic products. Then I received a complimentary sample box and became a huge fan. L. Condom is a high quality, yet affordable condom made of 100% natural materials. 

Condoms are supposed to be sexy but more often than not, they are just smelly toxic, rubber messiness. However with L, there is no smell or ickiness. L was founded by Talia Frenkel. She founded L. after her experience as a journalist in under developed parts of the world. Talis discovered that the biggest killer was not floods and natural disasters but HIV/AIDS. So  for every L. condom you buy, L gives one to a female entrepreneur in a developing country. That female entrepreneur can then sell the condom at a low cost.

So I tested the condom and included some photos of the different types of condoms available from L: Do Good, Large and Ultra Thin.  The condoms held up great. There was no funny smell of polyisoprene, nonoxynol-9 or fake scents. 

I also included 2 very awesome promotional videos from L.  

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