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Hi Guys!

Today we wrapped up my 2nd lifestream for DJR and it was all about Apps. Not intentionally but it just worked out that way.  In this Livestream I reviewed:

1. Dove Love Your Curls App: ( and their digital companion, Love Your Curls ebook (

Being a curly haired girl myself, I was super stoked to hear about Dove’s new initiative which is all about building bouncing confidence in women with bouncy hair. Dove created an ebook and an awesome app that is full of curly hair emojis. Yup, I’ve been sending all my friends curly emo response to everything for days now! You can see the emojis up close in todays DJR Livestream.

2. Primer App by Google:
Can Google Do Any Wrong? Not when they keep pushing out apps that blow your mind and help your business. One of Google’s latest (well, it actually came out last year) Apps is kind of educational. Basically Primer is an up-to-date, fast way to learn digital marketing skills. Literally every lesson is 5 minutes and under. You can do it anywhere. I show you what’s inside the app in today’s DJR Livestream.

3. Inbox by Google:
I must have been hypnotized by Google today because they made it in my video twice for their app genius-ness. Inbox is an intuitive app that helps you better organize and prioritize your emails. Actually, it goes a step farther than simply organizing your emails because Inbox pretty much does the organizing and responding for you! I give you to lowdown in today’s DJR Livestream. 

You can download the apps in today review here:
Dove Love Your Curls App:
Love Your Curls ebook:
Primer App by Google:
Inbox by Google:


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