Some Things Don't Need Technology | A Smart Cup Without The Bluetooth | Athena Menstrual Cup

There are few things that I consider game changing and this is one of them! Menstrual Cups are the popular thing now although they been around for decades and they are widely used all over the world, especially in developing countries. Menstrual Cups are literally popping up everywhere. For many around the world, the menstrual cup is a life changing item for girls and women who do not have access to modern things like pads and tampons or even clean water and private bathrooms. For us in the west, menstrual cups have become an item of convenience but I think it is more than that.

It seems like every new age company is creating one that is safer, more discrete and yes, smarter! Earlier this month a company (whom I won’t mention) debuted a menstrual cup that will track your period using bluetooth. Yup, you read right! I’ll keep my bluetooth on my iphone, thank you very much. 

Instead of going tech, I’m taking a few steps back and keeping it basic with my very regular menstrual cup by Athena. There is really nothing super special about it and that is the whole point - there isn’t supposed to be. I’m only in my first month of using this new feminine hygiene apparatus but I’ve already experience a tremendous amount of benefits. Watch my video, where I tell you all about the menstrual cup and how to use it!

This won’t be my last video and that’s for sure!

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