It’s Friday and lucky me, my skin has persevered another week of heavy makeup, nasty chemicals and pollution thanks to Radiant-C by Turtleway Naturals.

Turtleway Naturals sent me their combo all natural skincare toner and serum set to try out and provide an honest review last week. I’n happy to say that it was a nice break from my most recent skincare regiment which involved some ‘not so natural’ products. The Radiant-C line really feels like it’s made form the most organic fruit extracts. Considering this has been a bit of a rough week, I’m totally welcoming the fresh and revitalizing support the face serum and toner are giving me in reducing and preventing wrinkles from stress which is keeping my skin looking younger, vibrant and overall radiant!

Check out my review video and give me a thumbs up of you like it! 

See you guys next week for more reviews! 

Turtleway Naturals:
Radiant-C Esther Face Serum:
Radiant-C Face Toner:

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