Love Crossfit but Hate the Calluses? Check out Mava CrossFit Gloves for Women

Crossfit is a fairly new fitness craze that promises to get you in the best shape. Not just to look good  but also in the area of conditioning, stamina and endurance. Sounds great right? Yup, but what you don’t think about until you are already in the gym pumping iron is what the workout is going to do to you hands ladies!

No matter how much muscle we put on, none of us what to look like we’ve got man hands, right? So when MavaSports asked me to review their new Crossfit gloves, I couldn’t have been happier because I knew all of my lady readers and viewers would want to know about these gloves.

So what’s so special about them? Honestly, I haven’t had these very long but I’ll tell you what I like about them most in my video below! 

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