I'm ending my Rocksbox Subscription | Rocksbox October 2015 Unboxing & Review

Sadly this will be my last box from Rocksbox for now. After receiving this months box, I was a bit disappointed to see that they repeated a piece of jewelry after only 2 months. So I figured it may be time to take a break. To give you a quick breakdown of what was in my box last month, here you go:

In this months box came: 

Sophie Harper $36
Pave Square Studs in Gold
I liked these in theory and maybe even on someone with short hair that isn’t has brassy as mine so that you can see the contrast between the earrings, my skin and hair. Nonetheless, they are very cute for the right girl.

Perry Street Ella Necklace $52
This was a really pretty necklace but when I put it on it just didn’t lay flat which I felt took away from its delicateness and beauty. 

Loren Hope Small Sarra Cuff in Crystal $61. (Repeat)
I still think this bracelet is beautiful but I really didn’t need it for a second time. This was a beautiful bracelet! It caught the right light all the time! 

I have a lot more to say about the box in my video below

Overall the intriguing thing about Rocksbox is that it is a curated collection of different jewelry every month - or at least it is supposed to be. So it’s quite disappointing when there is a repeat so early in the subscription cycle.

However, you are dining to try out Rocksbox, here is my Promo Code for a FREE month, DAISIJOXOXO

xoxo…Daisi Jo

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