This is for all of those unruly beards out there! I can only imagine how difficult it is for a guy to  grow and maintaining a beard. Typically there isn’t much to it right? Well, maybe the growing part is easy if you’ve got good hair growing genes but making it look good? That’s a completely different story!

I honestly had never heard of beard oil until a few weeks ago when Bronson Naturals sent me their top selling beard oil from Amazon. So, I googled away and found the intensity of all of the i man blogs and beard experts out there talking about beard conditioner and how to care for your beard pretty impressive.  Cheers to the man-movement. Unlike most beard oil, Bronson Natural’s Triple Blend Beard Oil is all  natural with only three ingredients: jojoba oil, argan oil and almond oil. I found the texture to be more like that of jojoba oil so I used it in my hair! I also asked a few of my lab men for their feedback. It works great on all beard types - long and short, prevents against breakage and gives it that shiny, strong and healthy look.

I talk more about what make Bronson Naturals Beard Oil great in my video post. Check it out!  

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