Top Selling Organic Jojoba Oil for Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails on Amazon

I wasnt really giving any time to Jojoba Oil until it literally showed up at my door! #seriously

Ive been sticking to tea tree oil, olive oil and coconut oil but I discovered something quite impressive with Jojoba Oil that I didnt know which is that it is very softening. Ive been taking a dropper of oil and applying it to my ends in the mornings and it has made such a nice difference. 

So as with anything new you discover; Ive been over indulging in it - applying it to my nails beds, and skin as a second moisturizer. Ill probably end up being the most moisturized women this side of the Mississippi. Laugh now but wait until you use Jojoba Oil for the first time. It is a great natural conditioner, face moisturizer, it combats acne, split-ends and even helps your hair grow faster. Now I know your happy!

Deluxe Botanicals sent me their organic golden jojoba oil that is a multi-purpose, all-in-one moisturizer and conditioner. Some jojoba oil brands are targeted toward one particular purpose over other because they are mixed with other oils and essence but Deluxe Botanicals is 100% Pure. Ill give you the full lowdown in my video, check it out!

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