Happy Labor Day! 

I figured this would be the best day to share some great apps that celebrate the America Spirit by encouraging shoppers to by American Made products and support American business. Both apps also work to help fix the worker abuse problems that plague the fashion industry and some of you may know how I feel about that! Although there isn’t any easy fix to labor issues in the fashion industry, buying more made in America goods may be an opportunity for each of us to contribute to the solution!

One app developer that is doing his part in combating labor abuse is Made In USA creator Rich Denton. 
The Made In USA app is free on iPhone, Android  and features a website. Basically, the app allows you to search American made products. The app features a good mix of familiar brands and less popular newcomers in the categories of accessories, beauty, clothing, electronics, furniture home & garden and vehicles. Made In USA is more of a curator versus a shopping app. When you open the app and click on one of the categories and then an American made product or business, it then clicks thru to the product o business site. Made In USA features Tesla which would be incredible if you could just order your Tesla thru the App! Ok, just take a minute a fantasize! It is Labor Day after all! 

However, if you are looking for more of a shopping app to purchase American made products, check out Orange Harp for iPhone. Orange Harp is a mobile e-commerce app the sells products that have been produced under certain ethical standards. Some of the businesses on Orange Harp are however not made in America. So if you are more patriotic than ethical, it makes sense for you to stick with Made In America. If you are more concerned with ethics, than Orange Harp is your app! Orange Harp was founded by Anbu and Kacie Gonzalez and features products in the categories of accessories, fashion and beauty. Orange Harp is like a high-end Easy and perhaps there is some crossover with brands on both platforms.

I personally like Orange Harp over Made In USA because it is an e-commerce site and I don’t have to click thru and go somewhere else to buy what I want. Also, Orange Harp is great way to discover new brands. I found some really pretty jewelry pieces on the app. I will say though that the pricing is a bit higher than your discount shopping apps like Wish in which most products come from China. Orange Harp also features a lot more content in general with putting the brands stories front and center. I found some of the stories very inspiring and I hope this feature inspires you on this Labor Day!  

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