Dry Out Blackheads, Shrink Pores and Get a Radiant Youthful Glow with Hello Cutie Mud Mask!

Hello Cutie!

The name was SOOOO adorable that i had to try it! While I was shopping around Amazon for new products to test and make videos about, I found Hello Cutie Mud Mask by Glam Essence. I have to give you guys the disclaimer though that this mud mask is hella strong! I mean it reminds me of this mud mask my high school BFF’s mom used to use and we would put it on to feel all grown up or something. It was some crazy mask from the dead sea.

Anywho, please don’t laugh at my candids of me trying on the mask. I honestly could not move my face once I put on the mask. Remember how your mom told you not to smile when you have a mask on or it could stretch your face? Yes, I still believe that! It’s so ingrained in me by now.

Hello Cutie has some serious ingredients in it and it feels just as serious once you put it on. After you wash it off your pores are noticeably smaller. My boyfriend even noticed and thought I had makeup on even though I didn’t have a stitch of foundation, powder or anything!

So beauties, watch my video review so you can see the product up close. It is truly amazing! 

Hello Cutie Mud Mask when it is Wet

Hello Cutie Mud Mask when it is Dry

After Hello Cutie Mud Mask

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