Dry Summer Hair?  Avon Advanced Technologies Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum Review

Hey Beauties!

This is mainly a video review about Avon’s Daily Shine Dry Hair Serum but I do have a couple of additional points to make about the product that didn’t make it into the video. What I didn’t talk about in my video review was the scent of the Serum. It has a fruity and citrusy smell to it. At first I thought this product was made for people with my silky hair and perhaps naturally straight hair because it doesn’t seem to have any oil to it and was just mainly composed of silicon. Surprisingly it totally worked out for me but I think I went straight for the #hairhack which is that I used it ONLY after my hair as dried. I love that it’s a quick go to when I don’t have time for an avocado mask, mayonnaise crazy wrap hair treatment. #nodrama I tried the serum in my naturally curly hair and flat ironed straight hair. With either style I didn’t need a lot of product  which is great because that means the bottle will last much longer. #hahaha

Avon’s Daily Shine isn’t a new product but as I mentioned in my video, my Avon Rep thought it would be a good product for me to try and feature on the blog. Who am I to argue with that! Some of the other features I like about the Serum are the pump action dispenser and the hard plastic cap (which I’ve already lost) but definitely helps prevent purse spills. 

An important note on the Serum is that it doesn’t fix your hair and isn’t a ‘treatment’ for split or dry ends. It is a styling product that makes your ends look better than what they were. This is a super cheap fix. For only $4.95 you get 2 fl oz. That’s ridiculous for a product that actually works! Check out my Avon Rep, Jahna Houston's shop for more purchasing information. 

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