Grow Long, Stronger Hair with GrowBabe Liquid Biotin Review

GrowBabe sent me their Liquid Biotin to conduct a review so I’ve been off of my traditional supplements, Gladly since I dislike taking pill supplements SO much! This has definitely been a welcome break and it just may be a permanent one because I’m really enjoying the liquid form of biotin. 

As some of you know, my hair used to be MEGA SUPER LONG! I cut it last year to get rid of all the damaged hair from stress, styling, coloring and products. My hair grows pretty fast but I want to speed up the process a bit. Not to mention that I am not in my teens or 20's anymore so I'm going to assume my hair growth has slowed down a little bit.

GrowBabe does do a little extra by adding a Sweet Vanilla Flavoring to it but you don’t have to worry about ingesting artificial stuff because all of  GrowBabe’s ingredients in the liquid biotin is 100% natural and contains 300mcgs.  

There is so much information out there about biotin and of course it isn’t the only important ingredient to having strong, long hair and nails but it can be pretty impactful. GrowBabe claims that their liquid biotin is fast acting and instructs you to use the dropper to drop the liquid right under your tongue. There is also a lot of curiosity about applying liquid biotin to the surface of the scalp. There is a mixed audience out there but a number of hair growth products such as shampoos contain biotin. Some people have discovered a hair hack and other advise against it for topical use. I will get back to you on this one in a letter post - hopefully!

I’m pretty sensitive to certain things and if a supplement is too strong or is full of other stuff, it will typically give me a headache but my experience with GrowBabe has been quite incredible! My hair feels  much softer and my ends are definitely smoother. I mention some fun facts about the Supplement Facts in my video review. 

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