Tempo.ai Closes! Now What Do We Replace It With? Look To Sunrise!

Yesterday Tempo discontinued there smart calendar app and joined Salesforce. Tempo was really the first mobile calendar I was absolutely smitten over because it really improved my mobile productivity. They automated so many tasks like Uber rides to my appointments, meeting confirmations and conference calls. 

As of yesterday, June 30th, Tempo will no longer take new users.  Exiting user will still be able to use the app but your data will be destroyed in the near future. No further information has been released about the exact deadline you will have to move your calendar to a new app but if you purchased the app, you can request a refund via this link, http://support.tempo.ai/hc/en-us/requests/new. You can also contact Tempo’s Customer Service via this email, support@tempo.ai

I know how it can feel when your favorite app closes its doors and your left scrambling for a replacement. This happened to me when Manilla closed last year and before that when Apple released an update that totally screwed with my Gmail settings, leaving me furious enough to switch to Airmail. I hope I can make this transition a little easier for you if you were a Tempo Ai fan and now feel lost.

For now I am going back to the Sunrise Calendar App. Sunrise has won forever fans by being  voted the #1 Best Calendar App for iPhone. It  was also acquired by a bigger company - Microsoft earlier this year.  However, Sunrise has remained available on iOS and Android. I never stopped using Sunrise on my desktop when I replaced it on my iphone with Tempo since Tempo didn’t offer a desktop version of the Calendar app. 

There’s a positive tradeoff  in going back to Sunrise on my iPhone. It connects with Evernote and Wunderlist  - something that I anticipated Tempo to do but I traded off the integration to Uber instead. Now I’m hoping Sunrise integrates Uber and then I will be in calendar heaven! Another beautiful integration on the Sunrise App is Meet. Meet by Sunrise helps make finding time to setup meetings a breeze. Meet is a keyboard integration that finds time slots on your calendar to ‘Meet’, literally! 

So if you woke up this morning what was going on with your Tempo calendar, now you know! I hope I’ve made this transition easier for you and saved you precious hours of calendar time seeking out a new Calendar App. To download Sunrise, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sunrise-calendar-for-google/id599114150?mt=8

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