Affordable Bikini’s Under $10 at H&M

If you saw my post yesterday than you will definitely recognize this bikini. I featured it in my post about the 'Greatest Hoodie Ever Made’, by American Giant. I love this bikini so much that I felt it deserved a  pot all to itself! H&M is known for fetching some great deals but did you know they could be $5 good! I picked up this two pieces a few weeks ago just wanting a different swimsuit look to lounge around in for semi-lazy days. For 5 bucks who cares if it falls apart in a week. 

Speaking of which, let me tell you how this bikini fits and holds up. So, its pretty comfortable but the top does run small. I’m not a busty girl but I don’t have bee stings for breast therefore I would definitely recommend getting the top in a size larger. I wear a small, typically between a 2 and a 4. I purchased this top in a size 8! That’s how SMALL it runs. While I was in the store, I thought these were all discounted because they were made in error so they put them on discount to move them out of the store but I was wrong. Yes, H&M is really selling these mismatched sized separates. The bottoms fit great. I bought them in a Size 4 and they are great. No squeezing or pinching. 

I love the gold ring accents and the top does have removable strings but the elastic that suctions to your chest is pretty weak so I wouldn’t recommend using the top without the string. Overall, this is still a good buy considering that the entire bikini is under $10.  It’s an easy solution to that last minute ‘screw this’ moment when you decide to take off to the beach instead of going to work but your already in the car stuck on the 405! #justsaying

H&M Swimwear Separates
Bottom - $4.95 (size 4)

top $4.95 (size 8) *removable bandeau straps 

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