Choosing or Replacing Your Cleaning Professional 

Hi Everyone!

I originally wrote this post when I found out the Homejoy was shutting down. Well, homejoy has been closed down for almost a year now but if you  are still searching for a cleaning professional to help with tidying things up around the house, than I would like to introduce your to - if you don't know about them already!

If you are still interested in using on-demand services, than I would recommend as the next option to Homejoy. I’ve kept both apps on my phone and which I switch off depending on my needs. The added bonus of Handy is that they cover a broader range of home services such as repairs, plumbing, electrical and fun things like painting - not art work but real painting, like walls and stuff! They are a bit pricier than Homejoy but I’ve got a super offer for you if you want to try it out for the first time. Handy will give you $50 OFF your 1rst service if you use this link, With this discount, I only paid $4 for my 1rst service! So, it is pretty much like getting your first service for FREE! I hope this helps take some of the disappointment anyway from Homejoy closing. Hopefully you get to keep your cleaning professional and you have a great new experience with Handy!

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