6 Ways to Style Your American Giant Hoodie!

Hey Guys!

This year I wanted to do something different for the 4th of July and not get all caught up on the red white and blue! I figured that for this holiday season many people would be celebrating the 4th for what they feel “Independence” means to them! 

You know how it can be on a holiday like the 4th of July where you start your morning out on the beach in a bikini and hoodie getting ready for that first wave, then breakfast with friends, barbecue, drinks and finally those fireworks. I know you need an outfit for each  of these events through out the day and depending on where you are the temperature can shift so I compiled a short list of fun and casual looks featuring an item you may or may not have heard of, the “Greatest Hoodie Ever Made” by American Giant!  More than likely, if you haven’t been to Silicon Valley or haven’t heard of Silicon Beach than you haven’t heard of American Giant’s genius reinvention of the ‘Hoodie’. 

The American Giant zip-up hoodie is made of 100% cotton and feels super thick. It is extremely well made and is noted for being able to stand the test of time. So buying 1 or 2 may just last you the rest of your life. In this day and age where we don’t expect most clothes to last more than a week; a hoodie that promises to possibly out live you is better than a magic show in Vegas but I’ll leave you to experience it for yourself. If I haven’t convinced you enough how great this hoodie is than let tell you about the fit. The hoodie doesn’t make you feel like you’ve got a Kangaroo pouch or like you are a linebacker. It fits like a thermos sleeve - sleek without the bulk but not squeezing you like a sausage. Please, have fun with the visuals! I know its crazy to be talking about a hoodie in the middle of summer but really this is an amazing piece of clothing. Not to mention that in LA it gets chilly at night so it is rather realistic to keep a jacket in the car. 

Anyway, here are 6 fun ways to style your American Giant Hoodie! I suggest you try out  the 'Greatest Hoodie Ever Made' for yourself!  http://www.american-giant.com/?gclid=CO-AlP3qwMYCFY9cfgodcX0HTQ 







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