Get Paid to Party Through Your Phone | Crowdcasting with the Surkus App

You don’t need to know a Promoter anymore to get into the hottest clubs and events. Surkus is the new Promoter, connecting people to local hot spots and events where you are paid to attend and create an experience. 

t’s a new thing called crowdcasting that harnesses a community of passionate participants, like ravers, who love to party! 
It is a great party app  that disrupts the barrier of the 'have’s and have not’s' of nightlife. You no longer have to stand in line waiting for the bouncer or promoter to decide if your ‘look’ is good enough for tonights event. and venues can now outsource the Promoter. In fact, you are PAID TO PARTY! It kind of works like Central Casting but for the hospitality industry (restaurants and night clubs, mainly). Surkus casts hot looking people to join their app to help improve the quality of the crowd at clubs and events.You get paid to show up and have a great time! It’s basically what you would do anyway except now you are getting paid for it! 
Surkus isn’t everything for everybody. The service is perfect for nightlife venues and event because an attractive crowd draws attention making that venue the “Hot Spot” (i.e. the place to be seen). The app is great for people who like to party and feel the compensation is just enough to pay for the Door Cover they would typically have to pay if the wanted to go out. 

I wanted to see what the experience was like so I downloaded the app and signed up to be a Surkus Goer.I received my first event invite with the first day or two. It was an event in Hollywood at the Supperclub. The event paid $20 and included VIP + Bottles. The requirements where that when I showed up; I take some photos, post them and tag them with #Supperclub and @Supperclub. At first, I confirmed thinking this would be a good experience but after I gave it further thought, I decided to skip the event because the compensation was too low. At that point I realized that many people probably feel the same way i do about the app because its difficult to justify the expense of attending the club event versus what would be made through the app since I wouldn’t have been going to the club in the first place. I think the app is going to have low retention rate among users because their isn’t high incentive to keep the app in high priority. For example, it’s difficult for a user to feel obligated to show up for $20 if it just so happens, they get a hot date, a high paying gig, a better event or just meet the man of their dreams on the way to the event. Oopps, change of plans! So, Surkus probably has to overbook just like Central Casting.  

If you are looking for a way to get paid to party, than here is how you signup. Download the app for iPhone or Android and signin using your Facebook profile. Surkus pulls your information from your Facebook profile where they learn what kind of events you would be good for and what you like to do. Once you confirm your identity and setup your payment preferences, you are all set to party! No pun intended ;-) 

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