5 Things You Should Know Before You Hiring Your Handy.com Cleaning Professional

Over the past few years I’ve used several service apps that provide cleaning professionals including Homejoy and Handy to  help keep our home clean and organized. Unfortunately Homejoy is now closed and I decided to stick with using Handy.com for my home cleaning needs. Handy is a great service for business professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to reserve their free time for doing things other than cleaning the house. Handy is good at providing skilled Service Providers. Handy’s business extends to other areas of house work such as handyman services including installations, repairs, moving, locksmithing, electrical, plumbing, painting and other custom jobs. 

1. Quality vs. Pricing
Handy is pretty reasonable when it comes to pricing with the average 2 hours service being about $58. Handy cleaning professionals are pretty high in quality but it also really depends on who you get. There is no way to "vet" any specific professional until they show up. Once you've used them once, you can request them to come again - of course that's if they are available. I've had my share of favorite professionals leave Handy. Since Handy's providers are Independent Contractors, it is hard to keep the level of service consistent across of their providers. Keep in mind that Handy charges extra for add-on services like laundry, windows, walls, cabinets, etc..

2. Cancellations
I have never had to cancel a cleaning session but maybe its the holiday's or it’s hectic at work and you don’t want to eat the entire cost of a cleaning session. Handy wins for cancellations. Handy gives you a 24 hour in advance window for cancellations with no penalty fee. There is a $15 fee between 24-2 hours before the scheduled appointment. After that, you are charged the full price of your service. The drawback with Handy is that they pretty much force you into an automated recurring cleaning schedule. Whether you book every 2 weeks or 4 weeks, there isn’t a simple way to cancel the pre-scheduled cleaning appointment.  

3. Service Providers
Handy's cleaning professionals come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have been cleaners for most of the adult lives while others have been cleaning as a means to making ends meet during hard times. Handy does prescreen all of their cleaning professionals so you don't have to worry about the safety of your family or your belongings.

If you decide to use the Handy app you can request a professional that you've previously used. Lets say you and your last Service Provider hit it off and you would really like to continue giving them your business instead of taking a risk on someone new. Well, Handy lets you request a professional after you’ve scheduled your next appointment. Unfortunately, confirming that you will get the same cleaning person is not 100% guaranteed and the service does not extend to first time customers.

Service Providers are required to bring their own equipment and cleaning products. I was surprised to see how light the cleaning professionals travelled and often times you do have to provide your own cleaning materials.  

4. App & Website
What I liked about the Handy app is that you can signup on the app by logging in with Facebook. Handy’s app is very functional in terms of getting you setup with as little details as possible. However, I still prefer scheduling through the website.

5. Customer Experience
Reviews are as good as gold. Service Providers need good reviews more than they need tips but of course, tips are always appreciated. Handy has a 3 strike policy with its service providers. So your customer satisfaction is crucial for them to keep working. One of the first things that I appreciated with the Handy Service Provider is that I received text messages 15 minutes before our schedule time. She called me to ask about parking. I felt that there was a real interaction with a person and not just an app - high tech, high touch. 

Handy makes their mark, leaving a Handy checklist of what was completed in our loft, a tri-card with the name of the Service Provider and a reminder of the referral program which promotes incentives for having friends signup. 

On the downside, appointments seem to be scarce with Handy. When I scheduled my first appointment with Handy, I quickly learned there wasn’t a time slot available for 3 days.  

Handy has a 100% guarantee policy and will give you a full refund. I was unable to locate what the time span on that policy is but I presume it’s between 24-72 hours after the scheduled service. 

Now, I’m really looking forward to when both companies begin servicing commercial clients!! 

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